The Blues Gypsys - Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive

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28 Oct 2020 a las 12:27
Publicado por VJ_ZamO
Album: Another Card In The Hat, John Lee Hooker, Cover Lyrics: I'll never, never come out of these blues alive
I'll never, never come out of these blues alive
She gonna love me and I'm doomed for the rest of my life

Drinkin' black coffee and smokin' cigarettes
Drinkin' black coffee and smokin' cigarettes
I can't sleep
I know there is no use of time

I'll never, never, never get out of these blues alive
I know I'll never get out of these blues alive
She gonna love me, she says she won't be back no more

I'm walkin' the floor all night long
Jumpin' over my bed
I'm walkin' the floor all night long
Jumpin' over my bed
I can't sleep
Ain't no use of laying down

I'll never, never get out of these blues alive
I'll never, never get out of these blues alive

I know I'm doomed, I'm doomed until the day I die

Ricky Parish began playing guitar when he was 7years old. He was influenced by his grandfather, Primo Risatti, who was also a budding musician. Ricky's father rented him an accoustic guitar for $5 a month. His love of guitar blossomed. His father bought him a classical accoustic guitar. At age 10, Ricky asked his father for an electric guitar. He got a used 1962 stratocaster for $160. Ricky paid his father back with his paper route money.
Ricky continued his study of many artists including Jimi Hendrix. At age 17, he was a member of a 17 piece Band. they were performing in bars and clubs where Ricky wouldn't have been able to enter on his own.
In 1986, Ricky moved to Los Angeles. He continued playing guitar on the local scene around Pasadena, CA. In 1992, he took lessons from a well known Pasadena guitarist. Upon urgings from his teacher, Ricky began studying the Blues and such Artists as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and B.B. King.
In 1993, Ricky formed a band called Primo after his Grandfather. They enjoyed limited local success. Ricky continued his new found love of the Blues and in 1997, formed a power trio called The Blues Monsoon.
In 1999, after a chance meeting, Ricky was introduced to John Lee Hooker. Mr. Hooker enjoyed Ricky's playing and asked him to accompany him at some performances. Ricky continued to tour and play with John Lee Hooker until his untimely death in 2001.
Ricky returned to the studio and recorded an album titled Blues Paradise. In 2002, he toured and continued to grow his fan base throughout the West Coast.
In 2003, Ricky returned to his old stomping grounds of Pasadena. he met Don Chamberlin and Lance Crane. In September 2003, he formed the Blues Gypsys. They also added a keyboardist, Steve Wilkins from London.
In 2008, The Blues Gypsys recorded Another Card in The Hat. After 7 months, the band embarked on a 25 city tour and had great success. Ricky wrote several songs that were used in Films and commercials, including "Paradise On Two legs", which was featured in the Showtime/TMC movie "Fight Night".
In 2012, the Ricky and The Blues Gypsys returned to the studio to start their new album, "Everything But The Boots", released in 2013.

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